Call of Cthulhu Kingsport Signed


Kingsports RPG for Call of Cthulhu 1920’s

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Signed by Kevin Ross (dedicated to Clif)

The City in the Mists. A background supplement for 1920s Call of Cthulhu, describing the New England town of Kingsport. Three scenarios are included:

– The House on the Edge
– Dreams & Fancies
– Dead in the Water

From the back cover:
“Kingsport describes this fabled Massachusetts town in meticulous detail – its important personalities, buildings, history, and its weird people and places. This book also features a fold-out players’ map of the town, a tourist brochure describing places of interest, and three new adventures. These range in tone from wonder to terror, and bring to life the unique atmosphere of Kingsport. These tales of dreams, mysteries, and alien horrors include player aids for added realism and enjoyment.”

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